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Rachel Land

Hopelessly Confusing

10 June


We start with the beginning.
I find myself incredibly confusing and intriguing. This does not mean that I have an inflated ego… it means that I, as many other people, am uncertain of who exactly I am and thusly continuously search and discover new things about myself. I feel that this makes me a dynamic figure, and I wouldn’t rather be any other way.
I am highly interested in the arts, and consider myself to be a jack of all trades… to an extent. I like to put my hands into new things from time to time… that doesn’t mean that I’m good at them. My forte is by far the visual arts, although I guess you could say that my next interests come in performing and musical art.
I like not knowing what is next in store for me. Would you plan out your whole life, or would you allow it to go awry and bloom in its own way, watching as it grows into something amazing, or dies? I like to watch. I like to tell my own stories that come from watching my life. Surprises are something I thrive on.
There are times that I do wish that I knew everything about myself. Why? Because sometimes I don’t know how to react, and I get very awkward. I am by nature an awkward person, and I can’t really help it. Anyone who has time and patience to wait on me… well, they learn that I’m not the soft spoken person that I sometimes appear to be. Well… I am, but I’m something else… something brighter and flashier too. Get frustrated—it’s okay, I get frustrated too.
My favorite things change over time. My list of interests will continue to grow every day. That happens with everyone, but as I said earlier… I really love to learn these new things about myself.
That Brings Us Back to Do.
I guess that’s all the space I have for this.